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    The Server Rules.


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    The Server Rules. Empty The Server Rules.

    Post  DEATHFAIL(FAILEGION) on Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:39 am

    *This will be edited constantly if needed, admins and higher may post what they believe should be a rule, If zero Agrees it'll be edited into this one, by me or Zero/Moon.

    These will be up for us, if the rule wall ever needs to be replaced

    For Now I will list a few basics that I believe we all could agree on.

    Punishments will be based on admin discretion (judgement). Just post the rules, if they want a reason why it's here. Feel free to post reason's also.

    1. NO extreme use of profanity.
    reason: There is a place and time for everything, yet profanity hardly dictates into this, we will use reason to determine if it was an extreme use or just a once in awhile f bomb because something horrible went wrong.
    (extreme: something that a reasonable person can see as too much)

    2. No "Dirty" builds.
    Reason: dirty builds are things that are vulgar or gross. They also include profinity and outright just "wrong", we do share this game with younger ages so be aware of it.

    3. Be Mature, be responsible
    Reason: Maturity is highly valued by both admins, Zero ,and moon. Taking responsiblity for your actions will often lead to a lesser punishment. Lying to Zero will often get you hammered.

    4. BE respectful
    reason: Disrespect will often get you into trouble. We might even send you to a little jail which this time will take at least 10mins of your life instead of gameplay to finish. Also if you disrespect the wrong person you might see yourself hammered.

    5.Don't Lie.
    Reason: Because lying will get you hammered most of the time. Just tell the truth, if you can't then we can't trust you on this server.

    6.No griefing.
    Reason: Because no one likes having their stuff destroyed.

    7.Do not Advertise other servers without consent.
    Reason: unless you have a really good reason to, and if Zero or moon allows you to, DO NOT Advertise other servers.

    8.Use common sense.
    Reason: not all the rules can be posted, we get as many as we can, still its not possible to get them all.

    9. Obey Admins and Server Owners (Zero and Moon)
    Reason: They can ban you, if its a command to stop doing something that could damage more then just your property then do it. This doesn't mean admins can tell you to do something you don't want to do, this just means consequences might follow if you break other rule by doing so.

    10.Obey World's Owners.
    Reason: Some worlds have owners, Survival and survival nethers is unowned. Just don't grief there. However, building in someone elses world without their consent can get you into trouble.

    11.Also have a part of your known name in your nick name.
    Reason: So we know who you are.

    12. Do not enter as Someone else.
    Reason: could get you IP BANNED if we find out that you were trying to get someone else in trouble, by acting as them.

    13. Do not impersonate an admin or server owners.
    Reason: We need to be able to distinguish the ranks, so those that need help won't get a bad taste when they can't get it.

    14.Don't Abuse your rank.
    Reason: Cause it crashes the server too much, or causes it to lag.

    15.Don't beg for stuff.
    Reason: admins actually don't have to help you in most cases.

    16. Do not hack or use cheats/mods that can affect others gameplay without consent.
    Reason: unfair advantagse are not cool.

    17. Do not Steal.
    Reason: its like real world, however if the player discards it, dies in pve or pvp then its not considered stealing. Once you drop it, your throwing it away for others to get. Steal would include raiding chest. scroll down to grand chill's post to see reason why it was added.

    18. Do Not 8D Troll
    Reason: If someones having a bad day try not to make it worse, repeated warnings over a certain amount of time will either cause a kick or ban.

    19. No racism.
    Builds are also catagories such as the nazi symbol, keep that hidden inside your own base, if you do build it. Some symbols have double meanings. As long as it is hidden inside your own base, it is ok to build it as long as it does not break other rule.(As long as you don't start spewing racist remarks and can argue what the symbol means.) I myself believe PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE TOUGHER SKINS, as long as its somewhere inside your property hidden, and just a symbol (nothing gross or dirty) then its 100%.

    20. No Spamming.

    21. No Abuse of Rank Power.
    Reason and example: reason: Causes server problems if constantly abused. Example: spam jailing a player without reason.

    That's it for now will add more as we get the server back up and running. These Rules also apply to admins, through there are cases which there is exceptions but will be based on admin+ discretion.

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    The Server Rules. Empty Re: The Server Rules.

    Post  DEATHFAIL(FAILEGION) on Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:48 am

    Some easy to understand adming discernment.
    Feel free to add to this also.

    Personal space: the area around the building where no one else should build, I tend to believe no other buildings should be near it within 5-10 blocks without consent.

    Mines: the ore farming region, Mines are never personally owned unless it becomes an actually building site/home. Underground homes/buildings are also personal space. Anything destroyed must be replaced, as it is considered griefing if not. The personal space rule applies.

    Griefing: destroying something that belongs to someone else, placing items that are in their personal space without consent.

    Discarding: dropping your item in either death, or life. It's a free for all once its on the ground, in pickup form. If its a block form then its griefing to destroy it then pick it up.

    Lying: Includes slander, and falsehoods.

    Spam: repeated, of or exessive amount of typing. uneeded is exampled such as
    or "LOL LOL LOL LOL" x 4

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    The Server Rules. Empty Re: The Server Rules.

    Post  grand_chill on Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:09 pm

    Go lot of rules Death
    Also this one.

    No stealing.
    Bannable offence, its like real world stealing. You do it? Then your out.

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    The Server Rules. Empty Re: The Server Rules.

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